How To Handle A Man In A Relationship

Understanding men in relationships has always been a mystery to women just as a lot of men fail to understand women completely. If you’re in a relationship with a guy, you will at some point ponder on what makes a man happy in a relationship probably because you want the best for your boyfriend/husband.

Honestly, there are a lot of things that makes a man want a relationship and when a woman fails to handle her man properly, everything begins to ache. Every woman should know what not to do in a relationship with a man which this post is tailored to guide you on easy and simple rules to handle your man and make him the happiest of all men for falling in love with you.

If every lady out there understands why men leave the women they love, then they will know that love which is required to build a more committed relationship isn’t just as easy as it sounds and they have to take the following points seriously.

10 Ways To Handle A Man In A Relationship

1. Learn to trust a man

Trust is the most important spice to a happy and healthy relationship. You as a woman simply have to trust your man who has your interest at heart, from then you can be able to appreciate what you have, respect and express genuine love and affection for him.

There’s no doubt that you will be able to achieve what a man needs from a woman in a relationship only if you open up your mind to trust him. Regardless of the terrible things that have happened in your past relationship, you really have to trust someone and give room for a deep connection and happier relationship.

2. Don’t expect him to be perfect

Even if you have read a bunch of magazines on how should a man behave in a relationship, learn to understand that individual differences exist and your man can’t just be perfect in whole. This is the simple reality of life every woman should know about her man.

It’s pertinent to admit that the man you are in love with is not perfect and there’s nothing wrong with that, regardless of his loop holes, you still manage to see the best part of him.

However, accepting a man’s flaws means there’s a great tendency that you can end up together and gain more opportunity to inspire him to become a better man.

3. Be a woman that listens

Regardles of how well you’ve studied, traveled the world or the amount of relationship experiences you’ve built over the years, always try to look at your man’s way of thinking.

To handle a man in a relationship entails the wisdom to be a woman that listens to her man, understand you’re not all-knowing and how important it is to see things from both perspectives in building a happy and healthy relationship. This is by far an effective way to treat a man like a king.

4. Be patient and learn to forgive

When we fall in love with someone, we hold a great value to them for how impactful they’re to us emotionally that every little thing they do matters a lot to us. The little love appears to be big and the little mistake becomes hurtful. But it is important to understand that you’re a human vulnerable to making mistakes, just as your man is.

Relationships with men don’t always have only sweetness in the package, it can be mixed up with bitter things we’ve never imagined. But when things go wrong in a relationship with your man, forgiveness reminds you that things will get fine when worked on and the process is not an easy-going one.

5. Work on your sexuality

There’s no way this guide on “how to handle a man” can be completed without indicating the importance of sex to men in a relationship.

Saying “I love you” isn’t just enough to make a man feel he’s been treated a king by his woman. To make your man fall deeply in love with you, learn to express your love for him physically too.

Trying out different sexual experiences with him, will make him more connected to you. Know what works out for him on bed the most.

6. Do not over control him

A man will always be a man, he doesn’t want to appear like he’s being controlled by a woman, this should not be mistaken for a man with pride. Being over-controlling or manipulative is very absurd.

In as much as I stand and speak for equality and most men understand and respect the importance of gender equality, it can be so dangerous trying to be over-controlling to your man. Also, complain and nagging can never be a good choice for getting what you want from a man, avoid them.

Honestly, if your man is having anxiety, anger issues or mood swing, it could be you’re trying to be over-controlling to him.

7. Effective communication

Stay in active communication with your man, regardless of how often you spend time together, sending a text message from the heart to him at the workplace can ease him some stress and make him smile. It shows how affectionate and loving you’re to him.

When you communicate with your man regularly, you will be able to know when he’s happy or not and if there’s something bothering him. Most men won’t first tell you what they’re passing through if you’re unable to detect for yourself and then assist in resolving it.

The importance of effective communication in keeping your man even if he’s stubborn can never be overemphasized.

8. Don’t monopolize him

Give your man the freedom he deserves, so he doesn’t feel you want him tired down, let him have time to himself without you.

There’s nothing wrong with allowing your man to hang around with his friends, be it; old friends, from college, workplace or people he met through you.

9. Appreciate him

Your man is really passing through a lot to make sure you’re a happy woman in your relationship with him. Let him know that the little things matters and you really cherish and love his supports for you, he will know he is truly loved and remain true to you.

10. Your relationship should be your priority

I understand that you really want to support your man emotionally and financially too, especially when you don’t want to be just a housewife. But focusing more on; jobs, relative or anything that take a greater part of your time, will make you have less time for your man and appear less caring. Not just that, he can turn into a man with trust issues and feel more insecure about the relationship.

Learn how to spend quality time with your man by prioritizing your relationship over everything else. This is a better way to handle a man, as every other thing will fade with time but your relationship with him is something of a lifetime.

Over to you

How do you treat and respect the man you love? Kindly share your experiences using the comment section below.

I am very sure that if a woman, treats her man in more of the points enlisted on this post, the expectations in the relationship would probably be great and enjoyable.

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  1. To control too little or control too much is a bad word to have in a relationship by a woman or man. What’s wrong with accepting the wants and needs of your significant other? Why should one person feel the need to control another person any way? What about having knowledge of the other person’s reality and honest understanding and acceptance of your mate? If you can’t trust the person you choose, being there is a bad move to begin with.

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