Why Do Men Cheat? 7 Actual Reasons Why Men Cheat

1. Most men cheat because they have no regards for boundaries

why men cheat

Getting married alone can make you lose some of your friends, and it comes with its own boundaries that you curtail or know the type of relationships and communication with your friends especially the opposite gender. Most men who cheat can’t really maintain not to step over those boundaries and begging for love and care from such a man, does not improve anything rather it gets worst.

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  1. Just wondering why it hasn’t been mentioned, that a man may cheat, due the the fact that his wife has decided she no longer needs or wants sex, expecting her husband to except a life of celibacy against his will? A good marriage, but a sexless marriage irrespective of the husbands attempts to re engage sexually with his wife. This seems to be a huge reason why men/women may cheat.

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