12 Sure Signs To Know If A Man Truly Loves You

Today, I would like to take a good look at how to test a guy to see if he really loves you. It is daunting to figure out which is fake or true love but a more difficult one is not knowing things to look out for which subtly determines if a man truly loves you.

This post is specially baked to help you take serious notes on signs that your man/boyfriend loves you deeply.

He will be that man that calms you down when the fire’s at your feet again, rather than being the pillar that pulls you down.

In as much as love is that condition which makes you feel the happiness of another, it’s essential to your own unrequited love, no doubt it hurts more than you can imagine. Despite everyone being able to feel this emotion, just very few can tell the distinction between a flirty relationship and an unfeigned one.

Honestly, it is very pertinent for you to be equipped on how to know if a guy loves you secretly, as it is not all men that will obviously show they’re into you.

When you’re in love, every flowery word your partner hurls at you rings true with a new meaning. During this period, you notice the bumblebees, food tastes better, you’re so full of sweetness.

Meanwhile, in Paradise, there could be a hell waiting in there. A lot of people fancy banking on the fact that love was never meant to be measured. You have to love irrational without considering the consequences and yes love has appeared to be the best and scariest actions ever.

Obviously, letting your guard loose and letting yourself fall for someone who in the actual sense doesn’t reciprocate hurts even more.

Your boyfriend might not actually be the type to settle for the “I love you” phrase because words are apparently just words and actions appear to be louder. But If you look through the needle’s eyes, you’ll discover that there’s more to the story, which makes it paramount to know if a man truly loves you.

Here are the 12 sure signs that show a man truly loves you.

1. He constantly thinks about you

If he truly loves you, he messages you first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. He wouldn’t want his day to start without hearing your soothing voice. He always wants to feel a tinge of your presence around him.

When he’s not around, he probably sends you a link to a funny YouTube video or sends you a song he feels you would like. He calls to tell you of an event that occurred which reminded him of something similar to the situation you both may have been together.

He wants to hear you laugh or imagine your current facial expression through the emoji you sent him via text. He always wants to chat you up every counting minute or call you. The only time you are not talking with each other is when sleeping, in fact, he’ll do everything to please you.

Meanwhile, with the whole subconscious actions he takes, you’ll at a point come to realize how much he loves you.

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2. He makes you his priority

If he truly loves you, he will be that man to calm you down when the fire’s at your feet again, rather than being the pillar that pulls you to the ground.

When he makes you his priority, there’s no doubt that he truly loves you. Imagine your boyfriend pausing his favourite video game on your behalf knowing how inseparable guys and video games are.

He would never view spending time with you and making you a paramount part of his life as a sacrifice, he sees it as a natural occurrence and a product of what he feels for you…

Being his priority leaves no room for clumsy excuses about work and tight schedules that kept him from calling you, appreciating you and making you see how vital you are in his life.

3. Curious about your day and listens

If he seems to be genuinely interested in what is going on in your life and pays attention carefully observing the changes in your mood, he’s no far from the love zone.

Theoretically, most guys ask about your day simply because it’s the most polite thing to do or simply because he feels a need to do that. When a guy is genuinely interested in your affairs, he pays extreme attention when you’re talking and makes it an interactive discussion most times.

He wants to be a part of your life, and in this case, he wants to know the small things about you because it means a lot to him and also to be the one who makes you happy the most.

Most times, some guys ask you these questions because they feel that’s what you want to hear at the moment and that’s why it’s so complex to determine if a man truly loves you or not.

With the help of your intelligent observations, you could notice the way he stares at you during the conversation as though he’s reading through you, nods in affirmation and reads the very lines on your face to know how best to react and suit your emotions at the moment.

4. He constantly stares at you

Specifically, his stares may appear weird and trip you if you are timid. But realistically if a guy stares at you constantly and genuinely, he just feels as though he’s in slumber, as though you just walked out of one of his many fairy dreams.

In essence, he’s just trying to convince himself that you’re all his. At this point, he’s probably in love with your smile, the tilt of your head, the way you speak and make gestures. In fact, everything about you at that point entices him.

He might occasionally chip in “I can’t believe someone like you is already mine” most women shudder in the delight of these words. When a guy genuinely loves you, he constantly stares at you not because he’s feeling a rush of lust or desire, rather he stares at you because that look is reserved only for the one who gives him inner calm.

For you, it’s safe to say he’s crazy about you.

5. He compromises to make you happy

Compromise is inevitable in a relationship built on true love. He puts your interest first as a scale of preference, almost sacrificing things that’ll put him at risk.

He doesn’t mind banking on something as tedious as watching television or most “lady” television programmes against his will just because it’ll make you happy.

Compromise is tremendous in little quarter, often necessary to soothe over a few ought edges of an otherwise smoothly functioning relationship. But in this case, both parties should be able to compromise situations for the other, forgoing and accepting actions they don’t usually engage in for the happiness of the other.

If a guy can forgo things just to have fun in your own field of speciality, he’s most likely to be really in love with you.

6. A man really loves you when he makes you a part of his life

If he is truly in love with you, he would want you to be his better half and a promising companion.

Besides, the goal of every relationship is to find that someone who completes you. Conversations between the both of you would be a conversation between equals. He tries to immerse himself into the things you like and would never utter a complain.

If he truly loves you, he will constantly brag about you, rather than being a negligent rascal, soliciting for the help of a side chick, or every person around him. Your opinion about his life really matters. He’ll want to vitrine his qualities and win the hearts of your family and friends and vice versa in your own path.

You’re inherent into his existence if he can’t imagine any adventure of his life without you.

7. He’s a little jealous

Jealousy is a product of genuine fear of loss, though out of order in excess. It’s a natural occurrence men find hard to control if they have tremendous emotions for you.

If your guy gets jealous at the slightest, questioning almost your every action, especially when faced with the actions of the same gender as him. It’s more likely he has developed the fear of not losing something dear to him to a third party.

This simply entails that he truly loves you and feels he may loose you and the bond already generated to another person.

8. He reminds you of your perfection

Honestly, there’s no point dating a guy who’s not proud of your appearance. Although everyone has flaws that mare them.

A guy who truly loves you tends to overlook these flaws or at times transforms them into something worth an appreciation.

He’s never ready to body shame you. Besides, platonic relationships evolve from being around someone who makes you feel accomplished about yourself. A guy who really loves you will take his time making discoveries about you, noting those things that make you more exceptional than the rest.

That even at your worst, he’ll find the nicest and cutest things to say to you to lift your spirit. Not necessarily because he wants to bung ciggy’s your way, but because he may not have enough qualifying words to express the extent of his love for you.

He doesn’t find it hard to flaunt breathtaking compliments at you. If you have a man who always compliments you, mark him as a rare gem.

9. He pays attention to little details

Being able to recall and go way beyond remembering most important details of your life, there’s no doubt he’s head over heels with you. We all know how hard it is to keep up with thoughts to solve our various life problems not to even mention keeping note of events about others.

If he remembers the small details about events like your birthday, the number of Ingredients you put in certain exceptional foods, your best music, dress, your likely actions and needs when in different moods, and a host of them. It simply shows he’s paying attention because he genuinely loves you. Not every man can do that.

10. He hugs you always

From the onset, hugs have always been a delightful and a great symbol of love and affection. Whether he gives you a tight hug, a beer hug, squeeze hug or any other passionate hug, it’s an insidious sign that he loves you though he may be scared to admit it. This is a major way to know he loves you without asking him.

When a guy gives you a passionate hug, it gives rise to your bright side and makes you feel amazing. Whichever hug he gives you, it’s a sure sign that he’s deeply and madly in love with you and will definitely miss you when you’re out of sight.

Most importantly, hugs act as a means of reducing anxiety and stress. If you’ve not gotten a passionate hug before, I’d recommend you get it from the man who have shown signs he is truly in love with you.

11. He respects you.

In as much as mutual respect is a key substance with love. If a man truly loves you, he will respect your opinion, ideas and everything that makes up your personality. He wouldn’t want you to bend the codes for what you are, he makes you feel highly esteemed about those features rather.

12. Subconscious actions.

It’s all about the telepathic connection. We pick up vibrations and other people’s feelings through the little subconscious actions they take. Actions like; going to the kitchen, and asking if you mind a cup of water since he thinks you probably may be drained from a long talk.

It may sound untrue but there’s this element of magic that conveys to us that the actions our partners are taking towards us are either genuine or insincere. Though at times we seem to neglect those instincts. If a guy truly loves you, it is easier and possible for you to sense it through the telepathic connection generated in his subconscious actions.

Sure Sign He’s In Love With You – Summary

  1. He constantly thinks about you
  2. He makes you his priority
  3. Curious about your day and listens
  4. He constantly stares at you
  5. He compromises to make you happy
  6. A man really loves you when he makes you a part of his life
  7. He’s a little jealous
  8. He reminds you of your perfection
  9. He pays attention to little details
  10. He hugs you always
  11. He respects you.
  12. Subconscious actions.

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The bottom line

Having gone through the articles, I bet you that not neglecting these signs will lead you a long way in maintaining a stable relationship devoid of issues.

A guy who is truly in love with you makes you his companion, his resting pillar, and respects you. He’s the only one that knows those things that will suit your emotions, not just like any other random guy that flings compliments at you simply because he thinks it’s necessary to do so.

If you have a man who has most of these attributes, hold him tight. You may not find such a jewel in a long time if you lose it.

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